Sentence Examples

  • Nor is motility by means of cilia known in the group. In the unicellular forms, cell-division involves multiplication of the plant.
  • Animal, o-iropa, seed); that is to say, cells capable of motility through the agency of cilia.
  • Such ciliary motion is known in the adult condition of the cells of Volvocaceae, but where this is not the case the reproductive cells are endowed with motility for a brief period.
  • Thus, although isogamy consists in typical cases of a union of naked motile gametes by a fusion which begins at the beaked ends, and results in the formation of an immotile spherical zygote surrounded by a cell-wall, in Leptosira it is noticeable that the fusion begins at the blunt end; in a species of Chlamydomonas the two gametes are each included in a cell-wall before fusion; and in many cases the zygote retains for some time its motility with the double number of cilia.
  • Aplanospores would seem to represent zoospores arrested in their development; without reaching the stage of motility, they germinate within the sporangium.

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