Sentence Examples

  • Applies only to the bacterium or toxin used in its production.
  • The formation of the blue mud is largely aided by the putrefaction of organic matter, and as a result the water deeper than 120 fathoms is extraordinarily deficient in dissolved oxygen and abounds in sulphuretted hydrogen, the formation of which is brought about by a special bacterium, the only form of life found at depths greater than 120 fathoms in the Black Sea.
  • Bacterium vermiforme, B.
  • Only three or four times as long as broad (Bacterium), or longer (Bacillus); the biscuitshaped ones are Bacteria in the early stages of division.
  • The growth of an ordinary bacterium consists in uniform elongation of the rodlet until its length is doubled, followed by division by a median septum, then by the simul- Measure- taneous doubling in length of each daughter cell, again ment of followed by the median division, and soon (figs.

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