Sentence Examples

  • The Bacterium acidi lacti described by Pasteur decomposes milk sugar into lactic acid.
  • Fixation of Nitrogen.Another, and perhaps an even more important, instance of symbiotic association has come to the front during the same period, it is an alliance between the plants of the Natural Order Leguminosae and certain bacterium-like forms which find a home within the tissues of their roots.
  • The swellings have been found to be due to a curious hypertrophy of the tissue of the part, the cells being filled with an immense number of minute bacterium-like organisms of V, X or Y shape.
  • These pests carry bacterium which they inject into alfalfa plant stems using their proboscis.
  • Organic farmers use the Bt toxin, which comes from a bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis, to ward off crop pests.

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