Sentence Examples

  • "Why should I mind Monsieur Pierre being here?" exclaimed the little princess suddenly, her pretty face all at once distorted by a tearful grimace.
  • Despite the victory ~89) of Guise at Dormans, the agreement between the duke of Alencon and John Casimirs German army obliged the royal party to grant all that the allied forces demanded of them in the peace of Monsieur, signed at Beaulieu on the 6th of May 1576, the duke of Alencon receiving the appanage of Anjou, Touraine and Berry, the king of Navarre Guienne, ~,ie0u~~r and Cond Picardy, while the Protestants were granted (1576).
  • "Prince, altesse, monsieur, monseigneur, citoyen" (he was called by all these names indifferently at the Elysee), he appeared as the candidate of the most incompatible interests, flattering the clergy by his compliments and formal visits, distributing cigars and sausages to the soldiers, promising the prosperous bourgeoisie "order in the street" and business, while he posed as the "father of the workers," and won the hearts of the peasants.
  • In 1867 he produced his masterpiece of Monsieur de Camors, and in 1872 he wrote Julia de Trecc ur, which is hardly less admirable.
  • It is probably in Sibylle and in Julia de Trecceur that he can now be studied to most advantage, though Monsieur de Camors gives a greater sense of power, and though Le Roman d'un jeune homme pauvre still preserves its popularity.

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