Sentence Examples

  • According to Hernandez in his Historia avium Novae Hispaniae (p. 52), published at Rome in 1651, this is the Mexican name of a bird which he described well enough to leave no doubt as to what he meant; but the word being soon after printed Momot by Nieremberg and others gave rise to the Latinized Momotus, invented by M.
  • This is the Momotus brasiliensis of modern ornithologists, and from its geographical range cannot be the original Motmot of Hernandez, but is most likely the "Guira guainumbi" of Marcgrave.
  • The Momotidae form but a small group, containing about six genera, of which the best known are: Momotus, Baryphthengus, Hylomanes, Eumomota, Aspatha and Prionorhynchus, and the number of species is very small.

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