Sentence Examples

  • Molars with numerous sharp-pointed cusps.
  • The first and second molars have quadrate crowns, with four principal obtuse conical cusps, around which numerous accessory cusps are clustered.
  • The skull itself is elongated, with comparatively simple and primitive molars, the latter being relatively short.
  • They are specially distinguished by the great development of the anterior half of the zygomatic arch of the skull, and by the presence in the boars of a horny protuberance of the skin in front of each eye, which overlies a tuberosity on the nasal bone; the molars are also small and simple, and the anterior premolars are generally shed at an early stage of life.
  • The milk-dentition, and even the early condition of the permanent dentition, is formed on the same general type as that of Sus, except that certain teeth are absent, the formula being 13 i cl, total 34; but as age advances all the teeth have a tendency to disappear, except the canines and the posterior molars, but these, which in some cases are the only teeth left in the jaws, attain an extraordinary development.

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