Sentence Examples

  • Modal, impersonal, existential judgments are all accounted for.
  • Part 1, p. 41), the mean stature is 66.91 in., the modal 66.96 in., the median lying between the FIG.
  • The ordinate of the dotted curve which contains its "centre of gravity" has, of course, for its abscissa the "mean" number of glands; the maximum ordinate of the curve is, however, at 2.98, or sensibly at 3 glands, showing what Pearson has called the "modal" number of glands, or the number occurring most frequently.
  • The parts of logic which he treated with most minuteness are modal propositions and modal syllogisms. In commenting on Aristotle's Ethics he dealt in a very independent manner with the question of free will, his conclusions being remarkably similar to those of John Locke.