Sentence Examples

  • In the Roman Catholic Church mitres are divided into three classes: (1) Mitra pretiosa, decorated with jewels, gold plates, &c.; (2) Mitra auriphrygiata, of white silk, sometimes embroidered with gold and silver thread or small pearls, or of cloth of gold plain; (3) Mitra simplex, of white silk damask, silk or linen, with the two falling bands behind terminating in red fringes.
  • The papal bulls granting the use of mitres before the nth century are all forgeries (Liturgische Gewandung, 431-448).
  • From this time onward papal bulls bestowing mitres, together with other episcopal insignia, on abbots become increasingly frequent.
  • Mitres were also sometimes bestowed by the popes on secular sovereigns, e.g.
  • Mitres with horns on either side seem to have been worn till about the end of the 12th century, and Father Braun gives examples of their appearances on episcopal seals in France until far into the 13th.