Sentence Examples

  • They were now to suffer severely for their past misdoings, but unfortunately the innocent nation was forced to suffer with them.
  • These tribes were twice brought to account severely for their misdoings, but not effectually checked.
  • Judgment, indeed, was an inevitable outcome of the sovereignty of Yahweh, but it would be passed upon the nation in the immediate scene of its misdoings; and even when the scope of the divine doom 8 Von Kremer, Die Herrschenden Ideen des Islams, p. 233 ff.
  • He was driven into unconstitutional ways of raising money, which recalled all the misdoings of his predecessor.
  • It consisted of a small committee of ministers, privy councillors and judges, which sat to deal with offences that seemed to lie outside the scope of the common law, or more frequently with the misdoings of men who were so powerful that the local courts could not be trusted to, execute justice upon them, such as great landowners, sheriffs and other royal officials, or turbulent individuals who were the terror of their native districts.

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