Sentence Examples

  • If she had no children, he returned her the dowry and paid her a sum equivalent to the bride-price, or a mina of silver, if there had been none.
  • He likewise conquered the Portuguese possessions of St George del Mina and St Thomas on the west coast of Africa.
  • The most distinctively sacred books are called the forty-five Agamas, consisting of eleven Angas, twelve Upangas, ten Pakinnakas, six Chedas, four Mina-sutras and two other books.
  • Shakal, to weigh), originally a Jewish unit of weight (5 1 r, of a mina, and 3 o aj of a talent) and afterwards a coin of the same weight.
  • It leads through the straggling village of Mina, occupying a long narrow valley (Wadi Mina), two to three hours from Mecca, and thence by the mosque of Mozdalifa over a narrow pass opening out into the plain of Arafa,which is an expansion of the great Wadi Naman,through which the Taif road descends from Mount Kara.

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