Sentence Examples

  • Those with exceptionally snarky phrases printed on the front, those carrying a well known adult logo (such as the Playboy bunny), and shirts that expose a midriff may not be allowed at your child's school.
  • Cheeky Goddess: Aptly named, this cami is a free flowing one, so you won't have to worry about it squeezing you too tight, and it's sheer around the midriff allowing a bit of your stomach to peek through.
  • A simple, V-neck suit with shirring at the bust and midriff, full coverage and properly adjusted straps is going to be the best option for almost all women - it's a style that never fails to look great.
  • Making sure that you are purchasing a swimsuit specifically cut for your body type will lower your chances of hitting the seaside in an ill-fitting suit that creates bulges around your midriff.
  • Most sheer swimwear provides the highest levels of sun exposure through the shoulders, midriff and bottom regions with extra protective lining added to the immediate breast and crotch areas.