Sentence Examples

  • It is very doubtful whether any homosporous Lepidostrobi existed, but there is reason to believe that here, as in the closely allied Lepidocarpon, microsporangia and megasporangia were in some cases borne on different strobili.
  • In the cone attributed to the Lower Carboniferous Lepidodendron Veltheimianum) the arrangement was that usual in Selaginella, the microsporangia occurring above and the megasporangia below in the same strobilus (diagram, fig.
  • In a male cone, probably belonging to wt Lepidocarpon Lomaxi, the microsporangia are provided with incomplete integuments.
  • The fructifications by themselves are not necessarily decisive, for in certain cases the supposed sporangia of Marattiaceous Ferns have turned out to be in reality the microsporangia or pollen-sacs of seed-bearing plants (Pteridosperms).
  • On the whole there is thus good evidence for the frequency of Marattiaceae in the Palaeozoic period, though the possibility that the fructifications may really represent the microsporangia of fern-like spermophytes must always be borne in mind.

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