Sentence Examples

  • CADMIUM (symbol Cd, atomic weight I12.4 (0=16)), a metallic element, showing a close relationship to zinc, with which it is very frequently associated.
  • This was constructed of a shallow box placed in a vertical position, with metallic front and back and insulating sides.
  • The current from the battery used passed from the diaphragm through the granulated carbon to the metallic back of the box.
  • Let a conductor, say a metallic sphere, be supported by a metal rod of negligible electric capacity whose other end is earthed.
  • The plate A i is mounted on the dove-tailed slide B 1, upon the metallic stage T, and can be moved to right or left relative to T by the micrometer-screw S; whilst the plate A2 is mounted on the dove-tailed slide B2 and can From Zeitschr.

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