Sentence Examples

  • Another kind of differentiation in such a cell-mass as we are dealing with is the setting apart of particular groups of cells for various metabolic purposes.
  • Some species of animals are much more susceptible to the action of certain drugs than others, a condition which depends on obvious or unknown structural or metabolic differences.
  • The most common diseases of malassimilation (or "metabolic" diseases) are gout, rheumatism and diabetes.
  • It was also shown that exposure to light, dilution or exhaustion of the food-media, the presence of traces of poisons or metabolic products check growth or even bring it to a standstill; and the death or injury of any single cell in the filamentous series shows its effect on the curve by lengthening the doubling period, because its potential progeny have been put out of play.
  • Their metabolic products may induce blood-poisoning or other toxic effects (facultative parasites) though they are not true parasites.

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