Sentence Examples

  • A green tree; and then deduces that the evidence of the senses proves now and then to be fallacious, because we may have an experience indistinguishable from that of a tree but incorrect; and further, that our perceptions are habitually mendacious, because all visual experiences are erroneous, as colour is a sensation while the thing consists of uncoloured particles.
  • In no case is the evidence of the senses fallacious or mendacious; the fallacy is in the inference.
  • In the parliament which met on the 12th of February 1376, Lord Latimer and Alice Perrers, the king's mistress, a lady of good birth, and not (as the mendacious St Albans chronicler alleged) the ugly but persuasive daughter of a tiler, were impeached, and Wykeham took a leading part against Latimer, even to the extent of opposing his being allowed counsel.
  • To achieve this his methods were often mendacious or, more charitably, less than frank.
  • Mendacious anti-European propaganda.

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