Sentence Examples

  • Health insurance coverage is provided through employer-provided group health plans, government-sponsored health plans such as Medicare, and private insurance health plans that are purchased by individuals and small business owners.
  • In addition to offering supplemental Medicare insurance, the American Association of Retired Persons, referred to as AARP, provides seniors with information about health care and other critical issues regarding senior citizens.
  • HCFA is responsible for auditing the records of health care providers who have received program dollars to ensure they are both billing for the appropriate amount and are providing adequate levels of care to Medicare patients.
  • Although the Federal Government creates the regulations that are used to govern the reimbursement of hospice organizations for care they give patients on Medicare, it is up to the state to certify individual hospice agencies.
  • Part C - Medicare Advantage plans, also called Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Medigap policies, include all of the coverage of Medicare Part A and Part B (known as Original Medicare) plus additional insurance benefits.