Sentence Examples

  • Payne in Madras, one tusk measures 6 ft.
  • It is more pleasing to point out certain of his public measures upon which no difference of opinion can arise.
  • Archimedes concluded from his measurements that the sun's diameter was greater than 27' and less than 32'; and even Tycho Brahe was so misled by his measures of the apparent diameters of the sun and moon as to conclude that a total eclipse of the sun was impossible.'
  • 146) that the probable error of these measures amounted to about 2'.2 The invention of the telescope at once extended the possibilities of accuracy in astronomical measurements.
  • 21, p. 373, Adrien Auzout gives the results of some measures of the diameter of the sun and moon made by himself, and this communication led to the letters of Townley and Bevis above referred to.

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