Sentence Examples

  • By thus controlling and partially eliminating the aggregate gas-effect, they succeeded in making a small radiometer, horizontally suspended, into a delicate and reliable measurer of the intensity of the radiation incident on it.
  • The moon was the earliest " measurer " both of time and space; but its services can scarcely have been rendered available until stellar " milestones " were established at suitable points along its path.
  • The selection of a standard may be regarded as a matter of arbitrary choice; that is to say, it would be possible to use any continuous time-measurer, and to adapt all scientific results to it.
  • But the daily survey of the sun (occasionally also the function of the moon as measurer of time), together with his importance for life, secured him a high moral rank; and Rh, united with the Theban Ammon, became (under the New Empire) the leading god of Egypt for a thousand years, " He who hath made all, the sole One with many hands."
  • Lucna, the shining one, lucere, to shine, for the moon, but preserves the word in mensis, month; the ultimate root for "moon" and " month " is usually taken to be me-, to measure, the moon being a measurer of time), in astronomy, the name given to the satellite of any planet, specifically to the only satellite of the earth.

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