Sentence Examples

  • Matrices of steel and iron were made at a later time in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • Under the general heading "Fundamental Notions" occur the subheadings "Foundations of Arithmetic," with the topics rational, irrational and transcendental numbers, and aggregates; "Universal Algebra," with the topics complex numbers, quaternions, ausdehnungslehre, vector analysis, matrices, and algebra of logic; and "Theory of Groups," with the topics finite and continuous groups.
  • A theory of matrices has been constructed by Cayley in connexion particularly with the theory of linear transformation.
  • The method is essentially the same as that developed, under the name of " matrices," by Cayley in 1858; but it has the peculiar advantage of the simplicity which is the natural consequence of entire freedom from conventional reference lines.
  • This was successfully accomplished by the use of flexible paper matrices, from which metal plates could be cast in shaped moulds to any desired curve.

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