Sentence Examples

  • Under the general heading "Fundamental Notions" occur the subheadings "Foundations of Arithmetic," with the topics rational, irrational and transcendental numbers, and aggregates; "Universal Algebra," with the topics complex numbers, quaternions, ausdehnungslehre, vector analysis, matrices, and algebra of logic; and "Theory of Groups," with the topics finite and continuous groups.
  • A theory of matrices has been constructed by Cayley in connexion particularly with the theory of linear transformation.
  • Observe the notation, which is that introduced by Cayley into the theory of matrices which he himself created.
  • This idea finds fuller expression in the algebra of matrices, as to which it must suffice to say that a matrix is a symbol consisting of a rectangular array of scalars, and that matrices may be combined by a rule of addition which obeys the usual laws, and a rule of multiplication which is distributive and associative, but not, in general, commutative.
  • Cayley, on Matrices, Phil.

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