Sentence Examples

  • The bond between mates is strong.
  • He'd helped build the bridge between the two who were sworn together as mates after they barely learned each other's' names.
  • But he was not entirely self-educated; at sixteen he entered the college of his native place, though his family was so poor that he could not procure the necessary books, and had to borrow them from his mates in order to copy the lessons.
  • Until recent years the supposed inheritance of characters acquired by a dam from one or more of her former mates was usually designated by breeders "throwing back"; by physiologists, "infection of the germ," or simply "infection."
  • If a mare or other female animal is liable to be "infected" by her first or by subsequent mates, telegony will rank as a cause of variation, and breeders will be justified in believing (1) that pure-bred females are liable to be "corrupted" when mated with sires of a different breed; and (2) that inferior or cross-bred females, if first mated with a high-class sire, will thereafter produce superior offspring, however inferior or cross-bred her subsequent mates.

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