Sentence Examples

  • Neither the festivities given at Chantilly in honor of the king, nor the dismissal (despite the most solemn promises) of the Spanish infanta, who had been betrothed to Louis XV., r~or yet the young kings marriage to Maria Leszczynska (1725)a marriage negotiated by the marquise de Prie in order to bar the throne from the Orleans family-could alienate the sovereign from his old master.
  • Hardly had a catastrophe snatched her away in the zenith of her power when complete corruption and the flagrant triumph of egoism supervened with the accession to power of Madame de the marquise de Pompadour, and for nearly twenty dow~.
  • Instead of remaining upon the defensive in this continental warmerely accessory as it washe made it his chief affair, and placed himself under the petticoat government of three women, Maria Theresa, Elizabeth of Russia and the marquise de Pompadour.
  • The memoirs of the marquise de La Rochejacqueleinareimportant for the war of La Vendee.
  • He has sketched Jacqueline Pascal (1844), Madame de Longueville (18J3), the marquise de Sable (1854), the duchesse de Chevreuse (1856), Madame de Hautefort (1856).

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