Sentence Examples

  • "It's complicated," she responded, mind on the manic commander and his equally unreasonable decisions.
  • To these troops their chief now made known the pashas orders to massacre all the Mamelukes within the citadel; therefore, having returned Final by another way, they gained the summits of the walls massacre and houses that hem in the road in which the Mameof the lukes were confined, and some stationed themselves Manic- upon the eminences of the rock through which that U es.
  • She twisted in her seat to face General Greene, one of the three people on the compound authorized by the manic commander to be present in the command hub alone.
  • She dreaded entering, wanting a moment of peace before being confined within the spartanly furnished room with the manic Arnie Smith.
  • Dread of Servia impelled Kotro manic to aid Hungary.