Sentence Examples

  • Arfvedson, a pupil of Berzelius, detected a new element, which he named lithium, in various minerals - notably petalite.
  • Within two years of the invention the authors announced the discovery of two metals, rubidium and caesium, closely allied to sodium, potassium and lithium in properties, in the mineral lepidolite and in the Diirkheim mineral water.
  • When heated with sodium and potassium, apparently no action takes place, but if heated with lithium it forms a lithium silicide, Li 6 Si 2 (H.
  • This varies in metals from 594 (lithium) to 22.48 (osmium), and in one and the same species is a function of temperature and of previous physical and mechanical treatment.
  • Practically non-volatile: (copper), iron, nickel, cobalt, aluminium; also lithium, barium, strontium and calcium.

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