Sentence Examples

  • Equality mainstreaming occurs when these ideas, attitudes or activities routinely incorporate an equality perspective and become a normal feature of mainstream thinking.
  • Despite all the positive press than the Apple iPhone has received in mainstream media, there is a growing contingent in the blogosphere who are pointing out problems that they have had with the iPhone or features that they feel are lacking.
  • Video games have become much more mainstream since the introduction of the cell phone, because nearly everyone is looking for a casual distraction while riding on the bus, waiting at the doctor's office, or just wasting some time at home.
  • American Fidelity frequently markets directly to employers and has been encouraging automatic insurance premium deductions from paychecks long before other insurance companies consider this a mainstream way to obtain insurance premiums.
  • Once reserved to only the most tech-savvy of enthusiasts, the concept of having an unlocked cell phone is becoming more and more mainstream, even among people who are otherwise apprehensive, nervous, or skeptical about new technology.