Sentence Examples

  • The region is therefore generally unattractive to the farmer, but it is inviting to the lumberman and the miner.
  • It is the opinion of John Muir that the big tree would normally live 5000 years or more; that the California groves are still in their prime; that, contrary to general ideas, the big tree was never more widely distributed than now, at least not within the past 8000 or io,000 years; that it is not a decaying species, but that on the contrary " no tree of all the forest is more enduringly established in concord with climate and soil," growing like the mountain pine even on granite, and in little danger save from the greed of the lumberman; but other excellent authorities consider it as hardly holding its own, especially in the north.
  • Hackley (1837-1905), a rich lumberman, the city has an endowment fund to the public schools of about $2,000,000; a manual training school, which has an endowment of $600,000, and is one of the few endowed public schools in the United States; a public library, with an endowment of $275,000; a public hospital with a $600,000 endowment; and a poor fund endowment of $300,000.