Sentence Examples

  • Lj and U give I mouillc (11 in the present orthography - fill, e i Ii u m; consell, co nsili urn; null, n ullu in).
  • In phonetics one observes(i) the change of lj into y as an initial before i (yitx, yigis; lego, legis), a change which does not take place in the Catalan of the mainland except in the interior, or at the end of the word; (2) the frequent change of 1 between vowels and of I after c, g, f, p or b into r (taura tabula; candera, candela; sangrol, sin gultum; frama, flama).
  • If then dl is an element of the path, putting dt = do/U, we have the average excess of pressure p = ° (to } pu 2) dt = Lj j (+pu2)dI.
  • Mercury calx was LJ .3 Bergman's symbolism was obviously cumbrous, and the system used in 1782 by Lavoisier was equally abstruse, since the forms gave no clue as to composition; for instance water, oxygen, and nitric acid werev 4), and e-f.

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