Sentence Examples

  • The brilliantly coloured red and blue lizard (Agama colonorum) is found in the coast region of eastern Liberia.
  • There have also been discovered the remains of a species of swan belonging to the South American genus Chenopis, and of the tuatara (Hatteria) lizard, the unique species of an ancient family now surviving only in New Zealand.
  • The two leading ships had not seen each other for 70 days and met off the Lizard, from which point they ran a neck-and-neck race before a strong westerly wind, with every rag of canvas set.
  • The other lizard is one which most appropriately has.
  • The monitor, or forktongued lizard, which burrows in the earth, climbs and swims, is said to grow to a length of 8 to 9 f t.