Sentence Examples

  • Lingula pyramidata (after Morse).
  • In Lingula the shell is composed of alternate layers of chitin and of phosphate of lime.
  • In Terebratulina, Rhyn- chonella, Lingula, and possibly other genera, the arms can be unrolled and protruded from the opened shell; in this case the tentacles also FIG.
  • These spaces are as follows: - (i.) the great arm-sinus; (ii.) the small arm-sinus together with the central sinus and the peri-oesophageal sinus, and in Discinisca and Lingula, and, to a less extent, in Crania, the lip-sinus; (iii.) certain portions of the general body cavity which in Crania are separated off and contain muscles, &c.; (iv.) the cavity of the stalk when such exists.
  • In Crania it is completely shut off from the main coelom, but in Lingula it communicates freely with this cavity.

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