Sentence Examples

  • There are many genera and species of leeches, the exact definitions of which are still in need of a more complete survey.
  • In one subdivision of the leeches, the Gnathobdellidae, the mouth has three chitinous jaws which produce a triangular bite, though the action has been described as like that of a circular saw.
  • As unlicensed blood-letters, certain land-leeches are among the most unpleasant of parasites that can be encountered in a tropical jungle.
  • Small leeches taken into the mouth with drinking-water may give rise to serious symptoms by attaching themselves to the fauces and neighbouring parts and thence sucking blood.
  • All leeches are very extensile and can contract the body to a plump, pear-shaped form, or extend it to a long and worm-like shape.