Sentence Examples

  • In this Annelid later the sac in question joins its fellow, passing beneath the nerve cord exactly as in the leech, and also grows out to reach the exterior.
  • Relationships And Phylogeny The Hexapoda form a very clearly defined class of the Arthropoda, and many recent writers have suggested that they must have arisen independently of other Arthropods from annelid worms, and that the Arthropoda must, therefore, be regarded as an " unnatural," polyphyletic assemblage.
  • Pharynx, and he sums up their relationship to the Annelids by thestatement that to a certain extent the Nemertines represent Turbellaria which in the course of time have copied certain features of an Annelid character.
  • This annelid propagates its kind by rising to the surface and dividing itself.
  • Star-fish type, to Annelid worm, to Medusidae, or jelly-fish, as they

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