Sentence Examples

  • On the sea coast there is the leathery turtle (Dermochelis) and also the green turtle (Chelone).
  • Evergreen oaks are a marked characteristic of the period, more than half the Swiss species being allied to living American forms. Fig-trees referred to 17 species occur, all with undivided leathery leaves; one is close to the banyan, another to the indiarubber-tree.
  • On the lower slopes of the mountains and on all the parts left uncultivated the prevailing form of vegetation consists of a dense growth of shrubs with thick leathery leaves, such as are known to the French as maquis, to the Italians as macchic, and to the Spaniards as monte bajo,2 shrubs which, however much they resemble each other in external appearance, belong botanically to a great variety of families.
  • The fruit is leathery or fleshy, opening irregularly.
  • The tree bears large compound leaves with two to four pairs of leathery lanceolate pointed leaflets about 3 in.

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