Sentence Examples

  • In the background were the beautiful layered mountains of the White Rock Wildlife Management.
  • Sometimes the epidermis is considerably more developed by tangential division of its cells, forming a many-layered water-tissue.
  • Fin, 22.Median Longitudinal Section of the Growing, Point of the Stem of HiPPurii vulgaris, showing a many-layered meristem.
  • That the lateral eyes of Scorpio have a single cell-layered or " monostichous " ommatidium like that of Limulus.
  • To the primitive two-cell-layered form, the hypothetical ancestor of all Metazoa or Enterozoa, Haeckel gave the name Gastraea; the em- bryonic form which represents in the individual growth from the egg this ancestral condition he called a " gastrula."

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