Sentence Examples

  • The hotel de Tulle, containing a museum of paintings, the law-court and the theatre are modern buildings.
  • Of a law-court, and was adopted in that sense by the church as early as Ambrose (c. 350).
  • The town has remains of old fortifications, among them the Tour Marguerite, and a chateau, now used as a law-court, dating from the 15th century.
  • Its churches, of which the largest is San Giovanni Battista, are florid in decoration, as are the law-court, the theatre and the hotel-de-ville.
  • After three or four years, fortified with the certificates of his various professors, he seeks a place in a law-court or as a teacher, preacher, cadi, or mufti of a village or minor town, or else one of the innumerable posts of confidence for which the complicated ceremonial of Mahommedanism demands a theologian, and which are generally paid out of pious foundations.