Sentence Examples

  • Both genera are characterized by their habit of secreting a tubular gelatinoid investment, the "coenoecium," composed of a number of superposed lamellae, doubtless the result of its intermittent secretion, mainly though perhaps not exclusively, by the proboscides of the zooids.
  • The second method, which he calls the "Promptuarium Multiplicationis" on account of its being the most expeditious of all for the performance of multiplications, involves the use of a number of lamellae or little plates of metal disposed in a box.
  • Furthermore, the relatively large undercooling (25 o C) required to crystallize the majority of the lamellae suggests homogeneous nucleation.
  • The plagioclase often shows very thin exsolution lamellae of potash feldspar, but nevertheless the original bulk chemical composition was probably low in potassium.
  • The secondary lamellae are loosely bound together by mucus.

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