Sentence Examples

  • The antiseptic pine-laced air from the hallway made her nose wrinkle.
  • He even laced the invitation with a ration of all-is-forgiven comments.
  • The skirts were held in place by a thick rolled belt, and the upper part of the body remained quite nude in the earliest times; but from the middle Minoan period onward we often find an important addition in the shape of a low-cut bodice, which sometimes has sleeves, either tight-fitting or puffed, and ultimately develops into a laced corsage.
  • The hunting-boot (EVbpoµis) was laced up the front, and reached to the calves; the K60opvos (cothurnus) was a high boot reaching to the middle of the leg, and as worn by tragic actors had high soles.
  • From Sutton, but Sterne, in spite of his double duties, seems to have been a frequent visitor there, and to have found in his not too strait-laced friend a highly congenial companion.