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  • Ruins of the old walls and towers still survive, as well as numerous kurgans or burial-mounds, with inscriptions, some in Arabic (1222-1341), others in Armenian (years 557, 984 and 986), and yet others in Turkic. Upon being opened these tombs were found to contain weapons, implements, utensils, and silver and copper coins, bearing inscriptions, 1 Letters and Papers, x.
  • Archaeologically Kerch is of particular interest, the kurgans or sepulchral mounds of the town and vicinity having yielded a rich variety of the most beautiful works of art.
  • In a neighbouring tomb was what is believed to be "the oldest Greek mural painting which has come down to us," dating probably from the 4th century B.C. Among the minor objects discovered in the kurgans perhaps the most noteworthy are the fragments of engraved boxwood, the only examples known of the art taught by the Sicyonian painter Pamphilus.
  • All its neighbourhood is strewn with kurgans (tumuli).
  • In the vicinity are a great number of prehistoric kurgans or burial-mounds.

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