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  • Thus by equation (18) of § II of the article Diffraction Of Light, the secondary disturbance is expressed by D' - D n 2 Tsin sin (nt - kr) D 47rb2 r _ D' - D irTsin O sin (nt - kr) (3)1 The preceding investigation is based upon the assumption that in passing from one medium to another the rigidity of the aether does not change.
  • The speed at which a circuit can be worked depends upon what is known as the " KR " of the line, i.e.
  • The actual speed or rate of signalling is given approximately by the formula, S = 120/ (KR), where S is the number of words per minute, R the total resistance of the conductor in ohms, and K the total capacity in farads.
  • BY1Ahtuy) s'hc rlscpol Novibazar 4 Iv o V (i.?,b a - >{V I K Kr ftcs ?Piokuplye (Piro r; a yelopoly, 43 "fi es ova s i n ' 'M - ?..
  • In these expressions we are to replace p by ks/f, or rather, since the diffraction pattern is symmetrical, by kr/f, where r is the distance of any point in the focal plane from the centre of the system.

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