Sentence Examples

  • Like several other nutritional products and supplements, no long term studies prove the health benefits of kombucha, but ancient populations relied on the drink as an overall health tonic and gastrointestinal cure.
  • While you can buy kombucha mushroom tea in bag form, if you want the true taste of organic kombucha mushrooms, you should buy a brewing kit from a natural food store, naturopath or online from a reliable Web site.
  • Additionally, unless you are very familiar with creating healthy strains of bacteria, it might be best to first use commercially produced versions of organic kombucha tea instead of making your own.
  • The only other ingredients in pure kombucha tea are black tea, water and sugar or sweetener, so it seems that the likely culprit is one of the many strains of bacteria growing in the beverage.
  • Use caution and common sense when brewing your own batch of kombucha tea, and always consult a physician if you become ill, tired, or experience any adverse symptoms after drinking kombucha.