Sentence Examples

  • We discard the conception of the universal as a predicate applicable to a plurality, or even to all, of the members of a group. To know merely KaTa 7ravros is not to know, save accidentally.
  • According to Suidas, he was also the author of 'E7rcxeepliyaTa KaTa XpevrtavCev (Animadversiones duodeviginti in christianos).
  • His views are more fully expounded in the Hepi Tjjs KaTa HXdTWva BEoXoyias (In Platonis theologiam).
  • They are better than usual for the IfEpi aTeOlcvou, KaTa Tcµo?cpaTous; best for the IIEpi 7rapa7rpEa- (3EEas.
  • Galen, who in his youth was carefully trained in the Stoic philosophy, was an unusually prolific writer on logic. Of the numerous commentaries and original treatises, a catalogue of which is given in his work De propriis libris, one only has come down to us, the treatise on Fallacies in dictione (IIepi TWV KaTa T1jv M Gi' oocio-µarouv).

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