Sentence Examples

  • Economically such companies are also justifiable up to a certain point.
  • How far this interpretation of Zeno is historically justifiable, may be doubtful.
  • Her connexion with the trial of Orestes, the introduction of a milder form of punishment for justifiable homicide, and the institution of the court TO HaXXa54, show the important part played by her in the development of legal ideas.
  • A country which is so devoted to free trade that it not only practises free trade itself but endeavours to convert others by nullifying their protectionist measures as far as it can, even with immediate loss to itself, departs from the guidance of selfinterest so far; hut its political action may be justifiable in the long run by other considerations.
  • His policy seemed tame and cautious, but was entirely justifiable, for within a few months of Roberts departure the inevitable feudal rebellion broke out.

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