Sentence Examples

  • Though ceded by Jovian to the Persians it again became annexed to the Roman empire, and in the reign of Anastasius (A.D.
  • Edessa can claim no share in " the Persian Sage " Aphrahat or Afrahat (Aphraates); but Ephraem, after bewailing in Nisibis the sufferings of the great Persian war under Constantius and Julian, when Jovian in 363 ceded most of Mesopotamia to Shapur II., the persecutor of the Christians, settled in Edessa, which as the seat of his famous school (called " the Persian ") grew greatly in importance, and attracted scholars from all directions.
  • Peter Wargentin (1717-1783), secretary to the Swedish Academy of Sciences, made a special study of the Jovian system.
  • Achromatic. The Jovian system has been reinforced by three remote and extremely faint members, two Perrine.
  • As early as September 363, Athanasius was able to travel to Jovian, the new emperor, who had sent him a letter praising his Christian fidelity and encouraging him to resume his work.

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