Sentence Examples

  • Joinery 153,000 - - -
  • The chief timber of indigenous growth is padouk (Pterocarpus dalbergioides) used for buildings, boats, furniture, fine joinery and all purposes to which teak, mahogany, hickory, oak and ash are applied.
  • Virginiana) are both much used in joinery and in the manufacture of pencils; though other woods are now superseding them for pencil-making.
  • The architect of private dwellings attached more importance to satin-surfaced boards and careful joinery than to any appearance of strength or solidity.
  • Biveau, a joiner's instrument), the inclination of one surface of a solid body to another; also, any angle othef than a right angle, and particularly, in joinery, the angle to which a piece of timber has to be cut.

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