Sentence Examples

  • The cover pictured a character looking like Carnac the Magnificent from the old Johnny Carson TV show.
  • Me and Johnny here, my colored buddy, are going to do us some business.
  • Dean added, "Maybe you're just hoping someone will fall down the front steps of the church and break their neck so you can be Johnny-on-the-spot."
  • John Oxtoby, who evangelized Filey and became known as "Praying, Johnny," Viscount Goderich (afterwards Earl of Ripon) Duke of Wellington.
  • The Camden & Amboy railway, begun in 1831 and completed from Bordentown to South Amboy (34 m.) in 1832, was one of the first railways in the United States; in September 1831 the famous engine "Johnny Bull," built in England and imported for this railway, had its first trial at Bordentown, and a monument now marks the site where the first rails were laid.