Sentence Examples

  • On British railways the duty of the companies to provide all practicable safeguards and to educate and caution the servants may be said to have been faithfully performed, and the accident totals must be taken as being somewhat near the " irreducible minimum" - unless some of the infirmities of the human mind can be cured.
  • The first difficulty to be overcome was the algebraical solution of cubic equations, the " irreducible case" (see Equation).
  • Clearer ideas of imaginary quantities and the " irreducible case " were subsequently published by Bombelli, in a work of which the dedication is dated 1572, though the book was not published until 1579.
  • It was in seeking to close up the fissure in his system represented by this dualism that his successors succeeded only in adding weakness to weakness by reducing the principle of sufficient reason to that of formal identity (see Wolff) and representing all thought as in essence analytic. From this it immediately followed that, so far as the connexion of our experiences of the external world does not show itself irreducible to that of formal identity, it must remain unintelligible.
  • The individual substances, of which the universe is composed, fall into three great irreducible kinds: nature, God, man.

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