Sentence Examples

  • A field of electro-mechanical mines was laid by the Japanese in the night of April 12th-13th, and on the following day the Japanese cruisers stood inshore to tempt Arthur.
  • Ralph Collins for smoke screens, and inshore rescue work.
  • Hamilton Benn and four French were attached for smoke screen, inshore and rescue work, and the whole force was under Commodore Hubert Lynes.
  • To the banks of Suakin and Farsan in 20° N., the loo-fathom line keeps to a belt of coral reef close inshore, but in lower latitudes the shallow coral region, 300 m.
  • Experiments with labelled plaice, carried out in 1904 by the Marine Biological Association, showed that small plaice transplanted to the Dogger Bank in spring grew three times as rapidly as those on the inshore grounds, and the same result, with insignificant variations, has been obtained by similar experiments in each succeeding year.