Sentence Examples

  • [3], 27, p. 39 2), crystallizes in colourless prisms which melt at 234° C. When heated in vacuo to 240° C. it yields hydroquinone, quinone and pyrogallol.
  • Quinhydrone, C 6 H40 2 -C 6 H 4 (OH) 2, is formed by the direct union of quinone and hydroquinone or by careful oxidation of hydroquinone with ferric chloride solution.
  • It crystallizes in tables which melt at 140° C. and boil at 267° C. When heated with 10% hydrochloric acid to 180 C. it yields hydroquinone (J.
  • HO 2 C CCI:CCI CO CC1 3 ' - > H02C CC1:cC1 c02H+CHe13' (to) (xi) Hydroquinone (1.4 or para-dioxybenzene) (1) gives with chlorine, first, a tetrachlorquinone (2), and then hexachlor-p-diketo-R-hexene (3), which alcoholic potash converts into perchloracroylacrylic acid (4).
  • All four mono-hydroxyxanthones are known, and are prepared by heating salicylic acid with either resorcin, pyrocatechin or hydroquinone; they are yellow crystalline solids, which act as dyestuffs.

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