Sentence Examples

  • They combine with hydrocyanic acid to form nitriles, which on hydrolysis furnish hydroxyacids, (CH3)2C0 -> (CH 3) 2 C OH CN - (CH3)2 C OH C02H; with phenylhydrazine they yield hydrazones; with hydrazine they yield in addition ketazines RR' C:N N:C RR' (T.
  • As being quinone hydrazones, type R NH N: R l: 0.
  • Hantzsch (Ber., 18 99, 3 2, pp. 59 o, 3089) considers that the oxyazo compounds are to be classed as pseudoacids, possessing in the free condition the configuration of quinone hydrazones, their salts, however, being of the normal phenolic type.
  • Bamberger (Ber., 1898, 31, p. 455) has shown that the nitro-alkyl derivatives behave as though they possess the constitution of hydrazones, for on heating with dilute alkalies they split more or less readily into an alkaline nitrite and an acid hydrazide: C 6 H 5 NH N: C(N02)CH3+NaOH=NaN02+C6H5NH NH CO CH3.
  • They may also be obtained by the reduction of nitroso compounds and of hydrazo compounds and of hydrazones (J.

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