Sentence Examples

  • Cyclo-hexanol, CcHiiOH, is produced by the reduction of the corresponding ketone, or of the iodhydrin of quinite.
  • Quinite (cyclo-hexanediol-i 4) is prepared by reducing the corresponding ketone with sodium amalgam, cis-, and trans-modifications being obtained which may be separated by their acetyl derivatives.
  • It is an optically active liquid which boils at 168-169° C. Homologues of menthone may be obtained from the ketone by successive treatment with sodium amide and alkyl halides (A.
  • It forms a benzal compound, and gives an oyxmethylene derivative and cannot be oxidized to an acid, reactions which point to it being a ketone containing the grouping -CH 2 CO-.
  • Mayer (Ann., 18 93, 2 75, p. 363) obtained azelain ketone, C,H140, a liquid of peppermint odour.

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