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  • For some years after the death of John Huss (1415), the majority of his followers were split into two contending factions: the Hussite Wars began; and the net result of the conflict seemed to be that while the Utraquists, content with the grant of the cup to the laity, were recognized by the pope as the national Church of Bohemia (1433), the more radical Taborites were defeated at the battle of Lipan (1434) and ceased to exist.
  • The action of the council of Constance in renewing the condemnation of the doctrines of Wycliffe pronounced at Rome in 1413, and in condemning and executing John Huss and Jerome of Prague, is dealt with elsewhere (see Wycliffe; Huss; Jerome Of Prague).
  • HUSSITES, the name given to the followers of John Huss (1369-1415), the Bohemian reformer.
  • They were at first often called Wycliffites, as the theological theories of Huss were largely founded on the teachings of Wycliffe.
  • Huss indeed laid more stress on church reform than on theological controversy.

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