Sentence Examples

  • The parliament, however, continued to negotiate, and accordingly Charles was removed by the army to Hurst Castle on the 1st of December, the troops occupied London on the 2nd; while on the 6th and 7th Colonel Pride "purged" the House of Commons of the Presbyterians.
  • B, anterior portion more highly magnified (from Marshall and Hurst, after Sommer); cs, cirrus sac; d, ductus ejaculatorius; f, female aperture; o, ovary; od, oviduct; p, penis; s, shell-gland; t, anterior testis; u, uterus; va, vp, vasa deferentia; us, vesicula seminalis; y, yolk-gland; yd, its duct.
  • The anatomy of Distomum hepaticum is fully described in many accessible memoirs [Sommer (io), Marshall and Hurst, Braun (3)].
  • If the egg with its contained embryo falls into water E (All from Marshall and Hurst, after Thomas.) FIG.
  • Allen for mice, by C. C. Hurst for rabbits, and by L.

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