Sentence Examples

  • Although mentioned in Hesiod and the Odyssey, he is rather a post-Homeric hero.
  • 549), in which the cult of the goddess was associated with that of Erechtheus; the Homeric temple is identified by Furtw.ngler with the " compact house of Erechtheus " (Od.
  • The Homeric poems scarcely mention Attica, and the legends, though numerous, are rarely of direct historical value.
  • In fact, it does for the Robin Hood cycle what a few years before Sir Thomas Malory had done for the Arthurian romances - what in the 6th century B.C. Peisistratus is said to have done for the Homeric poems.
  • A Passion History compiled out of Homeric verses, which Zonaras attributed to Eudocia, is perhaps of different authorship.